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From the Commandant

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We understand the importance of our march out parades, and what they mean to our newest soldiers and their families.
That’s why we are saddened to announce that due to the important restrictions on large gatherings, we are suspending our march out parades until further notice. This includes any previously planned live stream events.
Our behaviours as part of Army must conform with National guidelines and with the expectations of the wider Australian community.
We had previously planned to continue the parades in a format closed to spectators and live stream the event. However, as the pandemic and our understanding of it has developed, we have adapted accordingly – and will continue to do so into the future.For the time being, graduating recruits will have their achievements recognised in an appropriate manner within Blamey Barracks. We are unfortunately unable to live stream these events. We realise this will be a great disappointment to our recruits and to their friends and families, but our priority must always be the health and safety of our people, their families and our wider community.

LTCOL Deacon

Commanding Officer


Mission: 1 RTB is to deliver Foundation All Corps Combatants in accordance with the Directed Training Requirement in order to support Army’s preparation of land forces for war.

Our full-time soldiers undergo 83 days of training and our part-time soldiers complete 35 days. During this time they make a transition from civilian to soldier. Essentially, they are training to be able to shoot, move, communicate, survive and adapt; the skills required of the modern soldier.

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March Out Parade


Families and friends of recruits are invited to attend the March Out Parade at the Army Recruit Training Centre, Kapooka. March Out Parades are held to acknowledge the completion of the Army Recruit Course (ARC) and the Part Time Recruit Training Course (PRTC). The March Out day gives family and friends the opportunity to join in celebrating the graduating soldiers’ achievements. A detailed sequence of events for the ARC and PRTC are detailed in Kapooka Parade Times

Moving Through the TABS

The Army Recruit Training Experience

Moving through the Tabs (The stages of training), toward the March Out Parade.


“Welcome to the 1st Recruit Training Battalion. Today marks the commencement of your careers in the Australian Army. Since 1951, soldiers have successfully completed recruit training here at Kapooka and they, like you, were feeling nervous, excited, and perhaps even wondering if they had made the correct decision to join the Army.”



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