Q1. Approximately how much will attending the March Out parade cost?

A1. Attendance at the March Out Parade is free. You will have to cover all your own travel and accommodation expenses unless you are a recognised spouse who requests partial reimbursement. Defence will then provide limited financial support for the current spouses who are registered on Defence records.

Q2. Is there a limit on the number of guests each recruit can invite?

A2. There is no limit on the number of guests a recruit can invite to the March Out Parade. However, each recruit is only entitled to two guests to attend the March Out Function at no cost. Extra guests are welcome to attend the function and will cost $14 each (subject to contractual arrangements) however, there is a limit on how many people may attend the function, Platoon Staff will advise the recruits of the limits for your particular function. Recruits are required to pay for extra guests prior to the day of the parade.

Q3. What do I do if I find out I can no longer attend the parade?

A3. If there is a change to the number of guests coming please notify your family member so they can inform their platoon staff or ring the relevant Company Second in Command as listed above by platoon.

Q4. Is there a dress standard to attend the parade?

A4. In the cooler months, the recommended dress for the parade is suit and tie for men, and an equivalent for ladies. A minimum of collared shirt, slacks and neat shoes is expected. Ex-Service members are permitted to wear their own medals on the left side. Serving members may wear Dress Order 1B ‘Ceremonial Service Dress’ / 2B ‘Ceremonial Parade Dress Cold Weather (Winter) and 2C ‘Ceremonial Dress’ (Summer), or civilian attire with medals as awarded. The PRTC dress is Dress Order 4A (Hat KFF), therefore serving members should wear the same or civilian attire.

Q5. Is there a bus service from Wagga Wagga to Kapooka?

A5. There is a Shuttle Bus Service available to take you from the Airport, to your accommodation, to Kapooka and back again after the parade. Bookings can be made on 0458 350 100. Taxi services are available and can be contacted on 131 008. Hire cars are also available from the airport.

Q6. Am I permitted to drive my vehicle around Blamey Barracks?

A6. No. All vehicles must remain in the designated visitor’s car park, this also applies to visiting ADF Members. Buses are provided to transport visitors from the car park to the parade. During this time, visitors are also given a tour of Blamey Barracks prior to arriving at the parade ground. After the parade visitors will be transported by bus to the March Out Function and at the conclusion of the function they will be transported back to the visitor’s car park. Visitors are not permitted to walk around the barracks unescorted or enter any buildings unless directed.

Q7. I have elderly family attending who will find it difficult to walk short distances and board buses; do we have to use the bus to travel to the parade?

A7. Where special needs are notified in advance, alternate arrangements can be made by ringing the relevant Company Second in Command.

Q8. Is it difficult to find accommodation in or around Wagga Wagga?

A8. Not normally; however, there will be times when accommodation may be difficult to source due primarily to the coincidence of regional events. It is recommended that you make bookings as soon as the recruits March Out date is confirmed.

Q9. Will soldiers be granted leave at Corps Schools?

A9. Leave at Corps Schools is subject to approval by respective Commanding Officers; leave is not guaranteed.


Q10. Can the soldiers travel with family to their Corps School?

A10. No, ARA soldiers are required to travel to Corps Schools by military transport on the Monday following the March Out.


Q11. What if I can not attend the parade, or my family can not attend?

A11. You can visit www.sharpshotimages.com for a live streaming of the parade.


Q12. Are there any geographic restrictions for leave during the March Out weekend?

A12. No. Soldiers may travel anywhere within the Wagga district on the March Out weekend, including the small surrounding towns and villages. There are no restrictions on hotels or restaurants or where soldiers may shop on the March Out weekend, therefore you can book accommodation at any hotel or motel in the Wagga district (including the small towns or villages nearby) and be free to socialise anywhere in the local area on the Friday night and on Saturday. The only restrictions are their return to barracks timings.