Kapooka Heritage Museum

The Kapooka Historical Collection tells the story of the Australian Army’s presence in the Kapooka Military Area since 1942. The collection contains many photographs, uniforms and artefacts that detail the changing times of the Australian Army.

The Kapooka Historical Collection is housed in a 1950s-vintage Nissen Hut, which was used as accommodation for soldiers in most military areas in Australia. The Kapooka Museum is currently located across the road from the march-out function centre, and you are invited to attend to view the collection on the afternoon of the March Out. Other items from the collection are also positioned in other areas such as the Chapel and messes.

In 2012 the Kapooka Heritage Committee was raised to oversee and improve the operation of the Kapooka Heritage Museum and to promote the collection beyond Kapooka. In doing so, there has been some great progress including the exciting possibility of procuring of 2 x M113 Armoured Personnel Carriers. This will be a welcomed addition to the collection, which currently includes a leopard tank and artillery guns, representing some of Army’s most recognisable but now superseded military equipment.

There is still much work to be done to enhance both the collection and the experience for visitors, and your feedback is always welcomed. The committee will eventually seek volunteers from outside Defence to assist with projects and act as tour guides.

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