1st Recruit Training Battalion

Commanding Officer


Mission: 1 RTB is to develop and implement high quality training in order to generate Australian Soldiers to the required standard, in preparation for their next phase of training.

Our regular soldiers undergo 80 days of training and our reservists 35 days. During this time they make a transition from civilian to soldier. Essentially, they are training to be able to shoot, communicate, survive and adapt; the skills required of the modern soldier. They must be able to effectively employ basic infantry weapons, navigate, operatestephens_e_web communications equipment, survive in multiple threat environments in urban, close, and open terrain, by day and by night, against both conventional and unconventional threats including nuclear, biological, chemical and improvised explosive weapons. Soldiers must be comfortable in uncertain, volatile, complex and ambiguous situations; this leads to success on the battlefield.

Most importantly, they are imbued with, and must live, the Army values and core soldier behaviours. They must live courage, initiative, respect, and teamwork. They must be; an expert in close combat, physically tough, mentally prepared, committed to continuous improvement, courageous, take the initiative, work for the team, be compassionate and show respect. By doing so they carry the ANZAC legend forward.

For the family and friends who watch your loved ones march out, be proud of their achievements. They have come a long way in a short amount of time. The transformation is remarkable. Thank you for supporting them through their training. Your support has enabled them to become an Australian soldier.

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Enjoy your stay in Wagga Wagga, and be proud of your sons, daughters, husbands, wives and friends who will soon

march out from the Army’s premier training institution.

Lieutenant Colonel

Elizabeth Stephens

Commanding Officer

1st Recruit Training Battalion.