Kapooka March Out Leave Guide

Recruits undergoing their recruit training at 1 RTB have two types of leave programmed into the Army Recruit Course. The two types of leave are Local Leave, which is granted approximately halfway through the conduct of the Army Recruit Course, and March Out Leave, which is granted on the Friday following the March Out Function and on the Saturday directly following the March Out.

Due to the leave being granted during separate stages of the Army Recruit Course, the restrictions placed onto each type of leave differs greatly.
March Out Leave 

As March Out Leave is the leave given at the conclusion of the Army Recruit Course there are fewer restrictions with regard to where the recruits can go and they are permitted to leave the CBD. The leave boundaries for March Out Leave are taken directly from Appendix 2 to Annex D to Chapter 7 of 1 RTB Standing Orders. March Out Leave boundaries encompass the wider Wagga Wagga area, shown in the map below, although permission may be granted to travel to neighbouring towns upon request.

kapooka march out leave boundaries
March Out Leave is permitted outside the CBD and within the wider Wagga Wagga area.