March Out Parade

Families and friends of recruits are invited to attend the March Out Parade at the Army Recruit Training Centre, Kapooka. March Out Parades are held to acknowledge the completion of the Army Recruit Course (ARC) and the Reserve Recruit Training Course (RRTC). The March Out day gives family and friends the opportunity to join in celebrating the graduating soldiers’ achievements. A detailed sequence of events for the ARC and RRTC are detailed in Kapooka Parade Times

Getting to Kapooka

The 1st Recruit Training Battalion is co-located with the Army Recruit Training Centre at Blamey Barracks, Kapooka approximately 10 km from the main street of Wagga Wagga off the Olympic Highway, heading towards the New South Wales – Victoria border. Once you have turned onto the Olympic Highway, there are signposts directing you to the front gate. The distance from the Wagga Wagga Airport to the front gate is approximately 20 km.March Out Parade

There is a Shuttle Bus Service available to take you from the Airport, to your accommodation, to Kapooka and back again after the parade. Bookings can be made on 0458 350 100. Taxi services are available and can be booked on 131 008. From the heart of Wagga Wagga it should take no longer than 15 minutes. From Wagga Wagga Airport it should take around 25 minutes, depending on traffic.

If you intend to travel by taxi from the Wagga Wagga Airport directly to Kapooka, we do not have a luggage minding service due to security requirements. It is recommended that if you choose this option, you travel light with back packs, or make arrangements to drop off your luggage at your accommodation prior to arriving at Kapooka. If you are travelling by private vehicle, it is acceptable to leave your luggage in the vehicle in the designated car park for the March Out Parade.


Sign posts directing visitors to the designated car park are located before the front gate. The visitors parking area is located adjacent to the Kapooka Picnic Area, with overflow parking as directed by the staff. All visitors are advised to arrive at Blamey Barracks, Kapooka [Refer to location map page 11] by 8.30 am at the earliest, to ensure you have enough time to be transported to the Parade Ground at 9.30am.

Movement to the Parade Ground

Civilian vehicles are not permitted to enter Blamey Barracks due to current security arrangements; all movement within the barracks, including to the parade ground, is by bus. The designated pick up and drop off area is located adjacent to the visitor’s car park and is clearly sign posted. It is requested that visitors who are currently serving in the ADF also park in the designated car park and utilise the buses provided. Buses begin transporting visitors from the car park one hour prior to the start of the parade. For the ARC March Out Parade visitors are given a tour of the barracks prior to arriving at the parade ground. Due to time constraints there are no tours prior to the RRTC March Out Parade. Prams and wheelchairs can be taken on the buses to the parade ground. During the tour photos are permitted; however for safety and security reasons, visitors are not to exit the bus unless directed to do so by the tour guide or bus driver. Visitors who arrive later than the designated departure time will not be given the full tour of the barracks.

March Out Parade

The ARC March Out Parade commences at 10:00 am and the RRTC March Out Parade commences at 3:30 pm. 1RTB Visitors will be dropped off at the parade ground and should be seated in the two large sheltered seating areas no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of the parade. Escorts and guides will be located around the parade ground to assist visitors. Seating is not reserved; however, guests are not to sit in the centre seating area, as it is set aside for staff and official guests. The parade will generally take 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the number of platoons marching out.

March Out Parade Function

After the parade, a buffet meal is held in the Edmondson, VC Club, on Blamey Barracks which is approximately one kilometre from the parade ground. All staff, soldiers and their visitors with a ticket are invited to the function, which includes speeches, the cutting of the March Out cake and a buffet meal. Visitors are picked up from the parade ground and transported to the Edmondson, VC Club by the buses where they will be reunited with the soldiers. Generally, buses will arrive within ten minutes of the end of the parade to begin transporting visitors to the Edmondson, VC Club. The buffet meal will commence approximately one hour after the parade, after the formalities have concluded. Details regarding these timings will be confirmed at the conclusion of the parade.

After the RRTC March Out Function

Reserve soldiers are permitted to go on local leave at the conclusion of the March Out Function which concludes at 6:00 pm

A bus will transport recruits from Kapooka and drop them off at the Wagga Wagga train station. The return bus will pick the recruits up at the Wagga Wagga train station at 9:30 pm and return them to Kapooka.

Please note that No approval is granted for overnight leave for ARES RRTC recruits.

Recruits may return to 1 RTB of their own accord so long as they have signed back into the local leave register by 09:30 pm. Those recruits remaining in Wagga are to be at the collection point at the Wagga Wagga train station NLT 9:15 pm for RRTC, IOT catch the return transport provided.

After the ARC March Out Function

All Regular Army soldiers will return to their lines to change into neat civilian attire prior to going on local leave with their families. All visitors will be transported from the Edmondson VC Club to the visitor’s car park between 1:00 and 1:30 pm.

A bus will transport all recruits from Kapooka and drop them off at the Wagga Wagga train station. The return bus will pick the recruits up at the Wagga Wagga train station at 9:00 pm and return them to Kapooka

Lateness will not be tolerated and administrative or disciplinary action may be taken against the soldier. Married soldiers will have the opportunity to apply for extended leave, in order to spend the evening with their family. However, this approval will only be given on a case by case basis. Soldiers must apply for extended leave prior to their March Out day, as requests on the day will not be considered.

All soldiers will have the opportunity to apply for leave on the Saturday, the day after the March Out Parade, which will present a further opportunity for families to spend quality time together prior to the soldier’s return to Blamey Barracks, Kapooka. Soldiers are required to return to Kapooka after local leave in order to complete preparations for travel to their respective Corps training schools. Soldiers will not be permitted to take leave on the Sunday after the March Out Parade, as this time is needed to prepare for departing Kapooka on the Monday.

Army Reserve Movements

Reserve recruits will not be permitted to amend their pre-arranged movement details once at the 1st Recruit Training Battalion. Recruits wishing to travel to their home locations with their family, on the day after the March Out Parade, are to coordinate and seek approval from their parent unit prior to arrival at Kapooka. Reserve members will not be permitted to depart Kapooka to return home before 8:30 am on the morning after the parade. Changes to pre-arranged movements will only occur for unforeseen compassionate and/or operational requirements.

Soldiers’ Chapel

On the Sunday after the March Out, family and friends are invited to attend church services which are held at the Soldiers’ Chapel.

Visitors who have not had their name/s provided to the relevant Company Second in Command, will be denied access to the barracks due to current security arrangements. Depending on pastoral staff availability various denominations are catered for. Church services begin at 9:00 am and all visitors wishing to attend are required to arrive at the Kapooka front gate by 8:30 am to be transported to the Soldiers’ Chapel by bus. Visitors wishing to attend will need to make their recruit aware prior to the day so that sufficient transport can be arranged. On arrival at the front gate, visitors will be provided with a security brief by duty staff prior to being transported to the Soldiers’ Chapel.

Kapooka Historical Collection

The Kapooka Historical Collection is situated opposite the Edmondson, VC Club. Visitors are welcome to take the opportunity to visit the museum and discover Kapooka’s rich military history.

Special needs

Visitors intending to come to the March Out Parade with special needs are requested to detail their specific requirements to the 1st Recruit Training Battalion via the relevant Company Second in Command in reply to your formal invitation; refer to your invitation for the contact details of the relevant Company Second in Command.

March Out Parade Cancellations and Postponements

For a number of reasons, such as sustaining an injury, recruits may be delayed or may not complete recruit training. In these circumstances, they will be unable to March Out with their original Platoon. These eventualities cannot be prevented and may occur at short notice.

Visitors are strongly encouraged to purchase deferrable and/or refundable travel tickets and accommodation bookings; to take out travel insurance; or to make other suitable arrangements to protect against loss or expense arising from such eventualities.

Whilst every effort is made to notify visitors as soon as possible, the Commonwealth is not responsible and accepts no liability for any loss suffered or expense incurred arising from such eventualities.

Contact information for all March Out enquiries can be made by telephoning the relevant Company Second in Command as listed below by platoon.

ALPHA COMPANY (02) 6933 8301

1 Platoon 2 Platoon 3 Platoon

4 Platoon 5 Platoon 6 Platoon

BRAVO COMPANY (02) 6933 8316

11 Platoon 12 Platoon 13 Platoon

14 Platoon 15 Platoon 16 Platoon

CHARLIE COMPANY (02) 6933 8331

21 Platoon 22 Platoon 23 Platoon

24 Platoon 25 Platoon 26 Platoon

DELTA COMPANY (02) 6933 8346

21 Platoon 22 Platoon 23 Platoon

24 Platoon 25 Platoon 26 Platoon

ECHO COMPANY (02) 6933 8713

41 Platoon 42 Platoon 43 Platoon

44 Platoon 45 Platoon 46 Platoon